Day 8, 9 and 10

Friday, my 8th day in South Carolina was great, after school we went to a basketball game which was a lot of fun! There was a theme for blue crew, which is the high school students who are supporting the players. We were supposed to wear rain gear, since the other team was the Hurricanes. On blue crew, we stood on the bleachers and did cheers supporting our team, which ended up winning, by about twenty points. Another exciting thing about that game was that Bill Murray was there! Either his grandchild or just child (I’m not sure which) was playing on the opposing team and so we saw him from across the gym!

Saturday I actually ended up spending another day with my family friends because I wanted to see them one last time before I left. We went to the beach, where the son of my mom’s friend was playing at the Windjammer, a sort of locally famous bar where many famous musicians played before they became famous. A lot of different bands played and there was even a little auction at one point. After that we had a humorous dinner back at their house, it was really nice to see them one last time, and really nice of them to have me over once more.

Today, my tenth day in South Carolina was very busy. We started off the morning by going to my host family’s Episcopal Church. I have never been to church before so this was a really interesting experience for me. I was excited to attend and learn about something that I had never really experienced for myself, just heard about. When they did communion, my host family wanted me to go up, but I was reluctant at first. I was nervous to do something that I wasn’t sure if I believed in, or had ever really done before. I ended up doing it, because I decided that I am here in South Carolina to do things exactly like this. I cam here to experience a way of life that I am not used to, and to learn about a culture that I know very little about, and I thought that doing what my host family is usually accustomed to doing was a good way to learn. Overall it was a really interesting experience and I’m glad I went to church with them.

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