Day 5, 6 and 7

Day 5

Tuesday was my first day of school! I just shadowed my host “sister” for the day, going to her classes and meeting her friends. Senora Girgan, the network advisor for Pinewood was very nice, and let me put my bags in her room but also helped me figure out the members of faculty I needed to meet, and then last period, I formed my own schedule. Something immediately different from the Academy, at Pinewood, was not only the size, but also the feel of the school. Pinewood manages to pull of a public school atmosphere, while maintaining a private school feel of a community with very nice people. I was immediately welcomed and people introduced themselves to me the minute I stepped into my classes! 

Day 6

Today was my first day on my own, with my own schedule, different then my host “sister’s”. I had generally the same classes as the Academy, the only difference was there are 7 50 minute periods, and school goes until 3:10 and starts at 7:45. Next week I am hoping to take marine biology! Advanced art and British Literature are probably my favorite classes right now, because in British Literature, they are also reading Frankenstein, so I can relate to what is being discussed. Additionally, the art teacher is very funny, but she is also a great art teacher. 

Also we had all high school assembly in the gym where there were announcements (similar to morning meeting but only once a month), and practiced cheers for the upcoming basketball game, finally we also pledged allegiance to the flag which was different because the Academy doesn’t do that, and Pinewood does it everyday during homeroom or if there is assembly, during assembly.

Today was my 7th day in South Carolina, and just as fun! Another day of school (we have the same classes everyday), I met many more people, and my classes were more interesting because most of my classes yesterday were tests. Also, we went to the barn where my host family keeps their horse, and we fed and blanketed all the horses. This was really fun, but it got surprisingly cold fast! Tomorrow is the basketball game which I am really excited to go to!

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