Day 4

Today was great! My first whole day with my host family, we went running in the morning (they are really into sports) and then later that day we went into the downtown of Summerville. It is the cutest town! There is an old fashioned drug store, but also a few vintage shops, as well as bakeries,  plenty of restaurants and a couple cafes and clothing shops. I really had fun going into one of the vintage shops and buying vintage-y items.

Before dinner I went to the Bi-Lo and the Piggly Wiggly to get some food for lunch which wasn’t very exciting to anyone but me, because the Piggly Wiggly and Bi-Lo are funny to me since I never go to these classic southern grocery stores.Tomorrow I start school which is as exciting is as it is nerve racking!


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One Response to Day 4

  1. JPM says:

    I love the palm trees and pool. Sounds like you are soaking it up. Check out a Winn Dixie and take lots of pictures

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