Day 3

Today was my first day with my host family. I was sad to leave my family friend’s house, they are so nice to have invited me for a weekend. However, I am excited to do something new!

In the morning, I went to out to breakfast, and then to my family friend’s Unitarian Church before going to lunch to meet my host family for the first time! I was so nervous!

After a nice scenic drive down to Summerville, I visited Pinewood Prep for the first time. I was so impressed with it! It has a huge campus with about 5 buildings and 5 sports fields including a football field and tennis courts. I won’t really get to go inside the school until Tuesday, but it was exciting to just walk around and see where I am going to be spending most of my time the next two weeks.

Tomorrow I am going to the center of town with my host family!

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